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Affordable carpet prices in Atmore, AL

Low prices, high quality
Our family owned and operated sales and service company offer a huge inventory of blinds and floor covering materials to meet every need. And, our carpet prices in Atmore, AL cannot be beat!
Our inventory includes a wide selection of hard-wearing carpets, rugs, ceramics, and hardwood floors specifically designed for homes and commercial properties. Our highly skilled flooring experts will sell you only what you need and complete installation with minimum disruption. We guarantee the job will be finished on time to the highest of professional standards.

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Molina, Walnut Hill

Professional support

Sales rep going over carpet prices on bulk purchases in Atmore, AL
At Atmore Carpet we offer professional consultation, planning and support at every step of the process, from helping you select your new blinds, carpets, rugs, hardwood or ceramic floor coverings, through to the installation process, all at the best flooring and carpet prices in Atmore. In fact, you won't find better prices on blinds and floor covering anywhere than we have at Atmore Carpet.
Our professional designers will help you to choose from a vast range of flooring materials, and develop an affordable flooring situation that reflects your personal preferences and personal style.
We work alongside you to ensure that you arrive at the perfect flooring solution for your home or office.

Personalized choices

carpet prices on carpet rolls in Atmore, AL
Our professional interior designers understand that style is personal.
We work closely with you to develop flooring solutions that reflect your unique preferences, and tie in with the style of your home or commercial property.
Our professional consultation process allows you to consider a range of blinds and flooring options, and ensures that you arrive at a choice that blends form and function. And with our low flooring and carpet prices, you'll come away with affordable solutions that fit your style perfectly! See our team in Atmore today!

Carpet cleaning solutions

carpet prices on carpet tiles in Atmore, AL
At Atmore Carpet we specialize in home and office flooring solutions. But what if you have the perfect flooring that already meets your style and sense of fashion, but is it stained, discolored, or damaged? We can clean or replace damaged sections or remove those tough, hard to get our stains.
So call us to see if we can save your current floor covering, by cleaning or replacing stained, damaged or missing sections possibly in high traffic areas. We offer competitive solutions and prices in Atmore, whether you are replacing or just cleaning and repairing your current flooring. Call us!
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